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We are a games developer and publisher that specializes in delivering games both for VR and traditional platforms!

With a rich history of delivering exceptional titles such as Neverout, Overflight, Yupitergrad, and the recent Yupitergrad 2: The Lost Station, we have left our mark across 20 VR and non-VR platforms. As we are both a developer and a publisher, we know all the struggles of creating and delivering a game, so we can share our expertise with our partners and help them create the best possible project!

We take pride in our ability to independently port and publish games, helping fellow developers in realizing their VR and non-VR visions. Marketing strategy and campaigns, storefront management, PR campaigns, and influencer relations: we take care of it all!
What are you waiting for? Join us on a journey into the realms of immersive gaming at Gamedust!


What can we do for you


Development Support

Our team of experts will be your guiding compass through the development process, ensuring your vision transforms into a captivating VR reality.

We offer a wide range of support so your game can gain the attention it deserves, including connections with platform holders and preparation of pitch decks, production and certification guidance, porting services (Unity Engine), localization, playtests, and QA testing, and even UX and accessibility guidance. All that to make sure your game turns out the best way possible.


Game Marketing

We take care of every important aspect of marketing your game. With our expertise across multiple various platforms, we know exactly how to polish and optimize your storefronts to increase traffic.

With our eye-catching trailers, tailored ads and marketing campaigns, and well-calibrated pricing strategy, we’ll give your project the recognition it deserves. We also engage in creating and sustaining communities across all kinds of social media platforms, including Reddit or Discord. All that is regularly optimized according to our professional, data-driven insights.


Public Relations

Amplify your VR game's presence with our comprehensive PR support. Our team crafts compelling press releases, organizes media events, provides review codes distribution and release plans, and cultivates relationships with key industry influencers and journalists.

Through strategic storytelling and tailored communication, we ensure your game gets the attention across various platforms. Whether it's securing interviews, arranging feature articles, or managing crisis communication, our PR expertise positions your VR title for maximum visibility and success in the dynamic gaming landscape.


The projects we accept

We are open to a wide spectrum of creative VR projects that offer engaging and immersive experiences, with extremes of the spectrum as our preference - arcade and simulation genres are our main focus. We're interested both in well-grounded flat-screen IP's looking to pave their way into VR and developers with their first VR hit yet to be. We’ll make sure to best adapt your project to VR advantages and possibilities. If your project is driven by a passion to transport players into dynamic virtual realms, inviting them to experience simulation in new and exciting ways, we're eager to embark on this creative journey together.

Looking for a publisher? Feel free to pitch your game!

How do we process the pitches


Fill out our pitching form where you will be asked to provide, i.e. your game description, game pitch, and build.


We’ll then send you an NDA so we can analyse your project regarding its marketing and selling value and come back to you with feedback


If we choose your pitch to be a game we can publish, we'll make you an offer so we can decide together on the form of cooperation

Our games

Our partners


We are always looking for new partners and new games with potential.

Do you have a game to share? Contact us and let’s work it out together!

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