About us

We are always looking ahead to stay on top of the VR Revolution

Gamedust started in 2015 as the Virtual Reality division at Setapp - a Polish software house located in Poznan. After a year of game development, Neverout was released in January 2016. Our first fully fledged VR title with unique mechanics and a long and immersive gameplay, was critically acclaimed and a well-received puzzle game on the GearVR platform.

Our development team was then ready for a new challenge, which came in the form of Overflight, a dogfight battle simulator which provided a stable multiplayer experience and exceeded the limitations of GearVR hardware.

First steps as Gamedust

The Company’s games are created by a dedicated team of specialists in the fields of programming, graphics, modeling and game design. As a result of our efforts, we released Overflight in October 2016 and since then it has remained the top selling game in it's genre until now. We are working on our products every day by constantly polishing and updating Overflight. On top of that we stay focused on creating new flagship gaming experiences for the emerging VR platforms.

Our mission is to design new, dedicated gameplay mechanics to revolutionize VR/AR/MR gaming industry and unleash its full potential.