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Studio Update - Q3 2021

Third quarter of 2021 was associated with a lot of work on the preparation of completely new things. In addition to fresh content to Yupitergrad, we also announced Best Forklift Operator, our first game to support VR and non-VR simultaneously.

We also want to note that our Discord is constantly growing. We have introduced there, among other things: a Komrade Test Program where we test our games before the launch, together with our community.

Here's are the highlights of our Q3:

  • On the occasion of summer, we have prepared a bundle-giveaway called Gamedust Summer Pack. We invited players to submit applications and randomly drew a full set of our productions among 25 of them.
  • Komrade Test Program was founded. We gathered willing players from the community to test our updates and games before launch. Thanks to their support, we can better refine our next productions.
  • New Levels Update landed on Oculus Store, Steam, and Viveport. In this update, we’ve added 10 new levels to Time Attack mode. The introduction of these levels was preceded by its presentation to the community that signed up for the Komrade Test Program.
  • We have added Gymnasion mode to Yupitergrad, responding to the wishes of players who would like the game to have a space in which you can freely swing and practice acrobatics. The introduction of this mode was preceded by its presentation to the community that signed up for the Komrade Test Program.
  • We announced our new project: Best Forklift Operator. This is a game that allows you to complete forklift training, test yourself in career mode, play in arcade mode and see it all in both VR and non-VR.

Summer ended very intensively for us, we managed to greatly expand Yupitergrad, and show a new project of which we are the publisher. The last quarter of the year will be a continuation of support for Yupitergrad and preparations for further announcements related to 2022.

Stay safe!

Gamedust Team

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Yupitergrad is now available on Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Steam, Viveport, and PlayStation Store.



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